Musicology and Danceology : Mahamahopadhyaya Dr. R.Sathyanarayana, the stalwart scholar of our country, is our mentor and guide. He undertakes research session in Indian Musicology, Danceology and on all other Indian Cognate subjects in a Gurukula Style. He is a pillar of learning and in his 87th year, he is still working hard to bring out to light, many texts on Indian music and dancing. He is an international authority on Srividya, the Tantra discipline and has conducted many rituals and academic sessions and discourses.

Bharatanatyam : Our institution offers online and in-house Bharatanatyam teaching. We specialize in teaching both theory and practice which are conducive to each other. The head of our Dance faculty Dr. Radhika Nandakumar is an eminent performer and teacher who has disciplined herself in inter and intra disciplinary subjects connected with the art of dancing. Her scholarship extends to the authentic study and research in the Natya traditions of our country to its regional styles, the famed ‘Mysore School of Bharatanatyam’.
The institution conducts various certificate courses, workshops and regular curriculum classes (Upayukta Bharata Series and for examinations conducted by the KSEEB, Govt of Karnataka). We also facilitate Online classes for all these.

Karnataka Music : Music Faculty of our institution is headed by Sangita Vidwan Dr. R.S.Nandakumar. He is a performer and a research scholar who has received many accolades by various institutions and universities of our country. He is the fourth generation musician in the lineage of Saint Tyagaraja and is an adept in theory and practice of Karnataka Music. He is also multi-dimensional in his proficiency : he is a Srividya Tantra Practitioner and an ace in Indian Astrology.

The institution conducts certificate course, workshops and classed based on regular curriculum to educate and make perform for the concerts and examinations conducted by KSEEB of Govt. of Karnataka.

We also facilitate the conduct of Online Classes.
Yoga : Our institution hosts Yoga classes in the Natya shala premises. Yoga faculty is presently held by Dr. Radhika Nandakumar, where she teaches the Yoga sutras and other Ashthanga Yoga practices.
Samskrta : Our institution takes special sessions for Samskrta teaching and research. Stalwarts scholars are our consultants.
Research and documentation : Research and documentation is the present priority for the institution and we are working on this. We have a unique project called ‘Upayukta Natyashastra’ wherein we are creating an audio and video album. We conduct many Vakyartha conclaves, wherein multidiscipline scholars discuss various important aspects and texts on Indian Music and Dancing. We have documented all that. Under the guidance of Mahamahopadhyaya Dr. R.Sathyanarayana, we are in the process of evolving a new methodology for research that would be useful for Indian studies.

Publication : Brahmavidya has published many useful works : they are :
Nalwaru Sangita Rajaru : by R.Sathyanarayana, Language – Kannada : this portrays the cultural milieu of the erstwhile princely state of Mysore. The book gives an indepth look into the life and achievements of the four kings of Mysore kingdom and the stalwart artists of their times.
Ele, ondu sangita shastreeya adhyayana, by Dr. R.Sathyanarayaya in Kannada Language. This book is the very first of its kind in the history of Indian musicological research. It portrays all the unique compositions in Indian music that spans from nearly 1000 years. Ela was a music composition that existed 1000 years ago and based on its textual source, the author has decisively concluded the inferences to portray an authentic and complete picture of this most important compositional matter in Indian Music.
Upanayana : by Dr.R.Sathyanarayaya in Kannada Language. This is the translation of the Upanayana section of the book ‘ The History of Dharmashastra’ by Bharata Ratna P.V.Kane. Dr. R.Sathyanarayana has translated it in a very unique manner that is perhaps the very first of its kind in the annals of Indian translation techniques.
Ode to the Maharaja : by Dr.R.Sathyanarayana in English Languge. This book contains all the 97 musical compositions of the erstwhile ruler of Mysore, Sri Jayachamaraja Wodeyar, the 25th and the last of the Yadava Dynasty. It is under print.
Bharata Chatushthaya : by Dr. R.Sathyanarayana, Assisted by Dr. R.S.Nandakumar. In Kannada and English language. This book contains four regional representations of Bharata’s Natyashastra. These were the manuals of references for gurukula universities or communities of artists some 100-150 years ago. This is under print and will be available soon.
Kohala Rahasya : by Dr.R.Sathyanarayana in Kannada Language. We have great pleasure in making this book available to our young scholars and aspirants of research work in Indian studies. This contains the complete text and translation of an important text on Indian music and dancing by Kohala Muni. This is under print and will be available soon.
Swaramela Kalanidhi : By Dr.R.Sathyanarayana in Kannada Language. Ramamatya’s Swaramela Kalanidhi is another important text that is presently not available to the readers and research persons in Kannada Language. We have great pleasure in bringing this book to them. This is under print and will be available soon.
Bharatanatya a Critical Study : by Dr. R.Sathyanarayana in English Language. On popular demand, we bring this book reprinted for the dancers and scholars who will benefit immensely from this great research work.

Library and downloads : Brahmavidya has a large library that consists of many useful texts on Indian music and dancing. We give some important works in pdf files for interested musicians and scholars to download and use it with pleasure