Veda Vyāsa Manḍala

Brahmavidya is indeed very proud to be associated with the great scholars who have created this website.  We are indeed beholden to Prof Dr Gian Giuseppe Filippi who is a world-renowned Scholar on Indology whose association with us has enriched us.

The two main purposes of this website are :

Defending the Dharma
Vedavyasamandala website

– to defend Sanātana Dharma informing the Hindū Traditional Authorities about the dangers proceeding from Western Contemporary Civilization;

– to illustrate the real Hindū Doctrines to the sincere Western people.

All collaborators of Veda Vyāsa Maṇḍala are regular śiṣyas in the guruparamparās of Svāmī Hariharānanda Sarasvatī Kārapatrījī (Paramahaṃsi and Kāśī), Svāmī Satcidānandendra Sarasvatī (Bengaluru, Karnāṭaka) and of Svāmī Brahmavidyānanda Nātha (Parameṣṭhiguru of Śrī Sathyānandanātha: Mahāmahopadhyāya Dr.R.Sathyanārāyaṇa, Mysuru, Karnāṭaka).

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