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 We, at Brahmavidya, heartily welcome you to our website and the institution too in India.

Brahmavidya is more than two decades established the institution for education, promotion and research in Indian music, dance, yoga, and cognate Indian studies. We emphasize on Research, Innovation, and contemporization. We conceive that all Indian arts are forms of ‘brahmavidya’ (universal cognition) in their plurality, function, and destination and that all art is a mode of adoration of Truth, Auspiciousness, and Beauty. Our activities extend to promotion and teaching of Yoga and Samskrta. We undertake to conduct workshops, performances and lecture demonstrations by visiting scholars and artists.

Brahmavidya has taken up a very special project of Acquisition of Books, Manuscripts, Instrumentarium, equipment, etc. that are of immense and immediate use to its mainstream curriculum and research. Our Gurukula project ‘Upayukta Bharata’ is a composite mode of imparting both theories and performing knowledge of Classical Music and Dancing.

Brahmavidya has eminent teaching faculty and its academic body is constituted with stalwarts in the field of Indian arts. Mahamahopadhyaya Dr. R.Sathyanarayana, a worldwide acclaimed authority on Indology and all its cognate subjects steers the institution towards its achievements. The institution has good and dedicated student strength from India and abroad.

Upayukta Bharata curriculum has Music, Dance, Yoga, Traditional Indian Theatre techniques, Modern Choreography, in–depth research, revivify of the past cultural content and its contemporisation. Brahmavidya is engaged in many projects of research, interpretation, and performance. The Ministry of Culture, Government of India, Kannada and Culture Department of Govt of Karnataka and Sangit Natak Academi, New Delhi support many of these with Grant-in-aid.

The institution now organizes many innovative concerts, seminars and art workshops in India and abroad.  Brahmavidya is now endeavoring to establish its bases in various culturally rich places in the globe.