San Francisco Dance Event

We welcome you all to a unique Dance event to be held in San Francisco USA, hosted by Namaha Foundation for the Arts and Ushanjali School of Dance.  This features a magnificent Bharatanatyam Dance feature, in fact, a mono ballet, whose antiquity goes as before as 16th Century and which is perhaps the very first of its kind in the South Asia to be composed.  

It is ‘Narada Koravanji‘ : by Srimad Vadiraja Yateendra, a Vysasa Koota Saint of South India. 

It features a lovely story of beautiful damsel Rukmini who is lovelorn for Krishan the Lord.  She writes to Krishna a love letter (perhaps the very first love letter incident in the known history of mankind !) to beseek him to come to her and rescue her from an unwanted marriage with an unsuitable suitor.  

In this story line, Krishan sends his messenger Saint Narada to reach Rukmini (now his devoted love) to assure her that he will come in the right time to rescue her and to make her his wife.  Narada takes on the role of a heavenly Koravanji – the mendicant to reach Rukmini and to assure her in the utmost artful way the means and glory of Lord’s coming and blessing.   

Vadiraja, the poet-composer of the 16th century in South India, who belonged to the Pan-Indian Krishna Bhakti Movement, has incepted into this theme a pioneering way of entwining both Folk (Desi) and Classical (Marga) forms of his time to make out a beautiful incident of the story.  

The grand dance features authentic choreography, bewitching costumes and ensnaring art ambiance that enhances this theme, story and enacting choreography.  

Smt. Radhika Nandakumar, the foremost Danseuse of India, has researched this item and has brought this for the first time since the time of Vadiraja.  

This event is envisioned by Dance Guru Smt. Naina Shastri, who is an eminently
 well known Bharatanatyam exponent and teacher of USA.

The two eminent Art Institutions of United States of America has now given a meaningful platform for this magnificent show which features this dance ballet for the very first time in our century happening outside (its native) Indian Soil. This show has a very noble feature: it is a fundraiser for the Shankara Cancer Foundation.  



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