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Articles on Indian Music : 

Model of shruti : This Article written by Mahamahopadhayaya Dr.R.Sathyanarayana deals with the śruti model in Indian Music

Research-Science&Humanism: This is a unique research article by Dr. R.S

The March of Karnataka Music : An Article written long ago for a journal is published here for the use of Students and Research scholars. This article deals with the historical march of Karnataka Music (wrongly spelled as carnatic music) from 16th cent. onwards in South India.

 The Origin of Modern Violin in Karnataka Music : We invite you to read this article right in earnest.  This article clears the doubts about the origin of Violin in Karnāṭaka music and traces it to two historical towns of Karnāṭaka state, Śrīrañgapaṭṭaṇa and Tirumakūḍalu Narasīpura.  It also clears the Myth that its first inception was in TamilNadu. 

World Music – Indian music : This article takes into the concepts of World Music and tandems it with Indian Music.