Articles by Dr. R.S.Nandakumar

 Music and the Schooling

This article deals with Music in schools. 

Nāṭaka Sañgīta :

This article inglobates Music and its character utility prevalent in Feature (prasañga) and Play (Nāṭaka). It also deals with its historical delineation.  

Performable Music compositions in Sañgīta Rathnākara : 

This is only a small part of the article written for Lecture demonstration by the author while visiting the magnificent Gurukula in Maharashtra ‘the Mahagami Gurukul’ during their prestigious ‘Śārñgadevotsav’.  It is an intra- and inter- textual study and as an example takes in the hitherto uncollated Kañṭhauśada – medicines for Human Voice and its training,  found in many Musicological Textual treatises.  

Swarākṣara Prabandha

Swarākṣara is an important attribute in Karnāṭaka Music.  Here the alphabets for swaras become the literary content of that song too, hence both the Notation and the lyrics become one and the same.  This again is a very important attribute and a highlight of the creative genius of Karnāṭaka music. Author has written exhaustively on this subject giving many examples of swarākṣara compositions.  This article is written in Kannaḍa Language, the language of Karnataka State in the Indian Union territory.