Visiting Scholars

Veena Virtuoso Sri Madhukaram Prashanth Iyengar.  He is one of the foremost Veena Virtuoso of India and now has emerged as a research scholar whose work on reconstructing ancient forms of Veena is hailed as a path-breaking work.  He is guided by Mahamahopadhyaya Dr. R.Sathyanarayana, the Internationally known Musicologist.  Prashanth Iyengar has performed in all major Art enclaves and platforms and brings in a new dimension to the art of Veena playing.  He is sometimes joined on the Vocal music duet concert with Sangita Vidwan Dr. R.S.Nandakumar, whose biodata can be seen in the ‘Faculties’ section of this Webpage.  We give you his detailed bio data in PDF underneath for more details. Prashanth Iyengar Profile


 Veda Brahman Sri Narasimha Murthy is a  Renowned Agamika, Author of Vedic, Agama and Srividya books.  He is a very prolific author whose works on Agama and Srividya are used in many ritualistic practices especially in South India.  He is a Srividya deekshita and has received Deeksha Nama from Renowned gurus. We give you more details in the enclosed PDF Bio Data. Narasimhamurthy biodata