Korvanji dancing mood

Smt. Radhika Nandakumar, who is the famous Bharatanāṭyam Exponent from Karnāṭaka is invited to perform a Bharatanāṭyam feature called ‘Nārada Koravanji’ by Vadirāja Yatīndra during the prestigious Kannaḍa Rājyotsava celebrations to be held under the Kannaḍa sangha of Berlin on 25th November 2017.

She is joined by Smt. Aparna Sundaram, the famous Bharatanāṭyam exponent from USA who is the director of Swapanti Dance Academy in San Diego USA.  

Radhika’s two foremost disciples, Kumari Vyshanvi Datta and Kumari Kriti Krishnamurthy will also perform in this unique dance feature. 

The event details can be seen in the ‘Vijayendra Berlin Chapter’ page of our website.

More details can be found on their webpage : http://www.berlinkannada.com/

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