With much pride and happiness, we bring for you this publication,  which is under final stages of  bookmaking.  This unique publication contains the finest traditional notations for more than 100 Varnams (A Compositional genre in Karnataka Music) with detailed editorial and descriptions about the author and his life’s work and dedication.  This book contains rare Varṇams like ‘viriboṇi’ in Bhairavī rāga, aṭṭatāl̥a, Ciṭṭāsāhitya, yettugaḍesāhityam and an anubandha at the end. It also features Jatiswara varṇams used for Mysore style Bharatanāṭyam traditions by erstwhile Mysore composers.

Please anticipate its publication.  We have also made provisions for ready shipments of this printed book and e.publication.


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