Dr. Radhika Nandakumar, Faculty of Dance, was invited by Ushanjali School of Dance in San Francisco USA to choreograph and direct a unique Bharatanatyam Feature ‘Narada Koravanji’ of Srimad Vadiraja Yateendra on 23rd April 2017.

This is the very first time that this Mono ballet was performed outside Indian continent.  Radhika has choreographed this after extensive research and has authentically reconstructed the theme and dance.

It features a dance theme of the 16th century which again mirrors its contemporary art state.  With in-depth philosophies, aesthetic ruptures and a theme with a timeless storyline, Narada Koravanji is a bridge between the ‘Classical’ arts and the folk arts to this day. Thus, the theme features not just the glory of the almighty but the glory of a relationship that has sustained the continuance of life on earth.

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